Vandenberg’s Moonkings

Adrian Vandenberg’s (Vandenberg, Whitesnake, Manic Eden) new band Moonkings released their smashing debut through Mascot Records early 2014. The band will hit the road to promote the album and Rock n Roelvink will provide tourmanagement.

Mandrake’s Monster

2015 will be the year of Europe’s best kept rock secret. Think Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Zeppelin and Black Sabbath with their own unique sound. Rock n Roelvink does their management. For bookings please contact Mojo Concerts/Live Nation. Jarn van Strijen ( j.van.strijen[@] )


We were responsible for the Jager Music program is Holland. Together with Jagermeister we decide what festivals and events will be supported. We also select and guide Dutch Jager bands and are active at setting up events with our Jager Music partners. After 5 years Jagermeister decided to focus on other music markets.


Rock ‘n Roelvink exclusively handled the management of Dutch death metal legends Pestilence. In 2014 mastermind Patrick Mameli decided to disband Pestilence for good.


For 5 years we were responsible for booking all acts and production for the Aardschok metal stage at Zwarte Cross Festival. Since 2013 the great festival doesn’t have a metal stage anymore.

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