Rock ’n Roelvink teams up with MANDRAKE’S MONSTER

Rock ’n Roelvink is proud to announce the signing of Mandrake’s Monster. We’ll be doing management for this young Dutch/German wolfpack as of now! The five piece is ready to conquer the world.

Mandrake’s Monster is chomping at the bit; cymbals ready for action and guitars pointed towards the sky; leaving a trail of blatant talent in their wake. Thanks to their riveting catalogue of alternative rock, the band has already made a name for themselves across parts of Europe. With the debut album Regrets under their belt, their sights are firmly set on the limelight.

Inspired by the likes of Queens of the Stoneage, Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, together the five-piece creates a raucous fuss of military beats, electric riffs and sturdy bass worthy of their Marvel inspired name. With a steady history of music-making already giving them flight, to say that they’re ready to charge at the music scene is an understatement.

Forget everything else, 2015 is the year of the Monster. Watch out for the sensational debut album coming to you soon.

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Mandrake's Monster

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