Welcome at Rock ‘n Roelvink’s website. We’re a company that works in many different areas when it comes to (live) music. With a bunch of experience over the years within the industry we’re able to offer a wide range of services.

Need a line up for your festival or event? Management for a band? Or just a production manager for a job? Rock ‘n Roelvink is where you go.

We also do advise. Festivals, bookings, management. You name it.

Currently we book the metal stage of the Zwarte Cross Festival, manage death metal legends Pestilence and are responsible for the music management for Jagermeister in the Netherlands.

Rock ‘n Roelvink. ‘Cause Rock ‘n Roll is serious business.


Rock 'n Roelvink. 'Cause Rock 'n Roll is serious business.
Postbus 753, 6800 AT Arnhem, E-mail: info@rocknroelvink.nl